Below you will find a regularly updated set of writings, including critical and personal essays; interviews with anti-capitalist presses and journals; reports and exposés on problematic presses, journals, institutions, and practices; resources for helping writers navigate and sustain themselves; ongoing statements of solidarity with various orgs and struggles in and around the literary world; and regular updates on things going on with Poets Union.

Introductory Reading List

Below is an introductory list of articles that we at Poets Union have found useful in understanding the economic and political situation of poetry in the US today. The list is chronological based on area of focus, from most recent to oldest. We intend to post a much more detailed list soon, but we wantContinue reading “Introductory Reading List”

On Organization and Strategy

While reflecting on the launch of our union and the many thoughtful replies and critiques offered from those who have joined, a few things have become clearer about our organization, its possibilities, and its strategy moving forward. The original materials on our website – manifesto, FAQ, and two essays – articulated a dynamic project withContinue reading “On Organization and Strategy”

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