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Here, we will be collecting news stories, essays, and other resources that are relevant to PU’s concerns: writing, publishing, anti-capitalism, and their intersection. For the sake of ordering all this as the list grows, we have a Newly Added section and an Archive section. Archive consists of five categories: On Publishing, On the Creative Writing Industry, Retrospectives, Interviews, and Non-Categorized. Under each category heading, the listed items are presented chronologically.

Unlike our “Introductory Reading List,” which included brief notes on each article, summaries, this page will include no commentary from us to help facilitate quicker and easier sharing. And please note: We are not necessarily endorsing or aligning ourselves with any of the publications or writers we link to below; all of this is provided strictly for informational purposes.

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Last Updated: August 30, 2022


Summer 2022 | “In Praise of the Terrorist: Heriberto Yépez’s polygraphic dispersion,” by NIicolás Medina Mora (at n+1)

4.25.22 | “A Working-Class Artist Is Something to Be,” by Billy Anania (at Hyperallergic)

12.9.20 | “Poetry and Militancy in Latin America,” by Roque Dalton (trans. by Noah Mazer)

Winter 2019 |“We Will Not Perfume Your Sewers: A Call to Artists,” by Amanda Priebe (at Harbinger: A Journal of Social Ecology)

Summer 2015 | “John Reed Clubs and Proletarian Art–Part I,” by Andrew Hemingway (at Against the Current)



6.23.22 | “If They Want to Be Published, Literary Writers Can’t Be Honest About Money,” by Naomi Kanakia (at LitHub)

6.8.22 | “Fit to Print: The Return of the Artist as Publisher,” by Lucy Ives (at Art In America)

2.9.22 | “Long-standing literary magazines are struggling to stay afloat. Where do they go from here?,” by Leah Asmelash (at CNN)

8.10.21 | “How Former Employees at a Berkeley Bastion for Literary Presses Ignited a Reckoning,” by Holly McDede (at KQED)

5.18.21 | “Here’s a running list of bookstores that have unionized,” by Corrine Segal (at LitHub)

4.21.21 | “Against Conglomeration,” by Dan Sinykin & Edwin Roland (at Post45)

Spring 2021 | “How to Prepare Yourself for the Collapse of the Industrial Publishing System,” by Eric Schierloh (at World Literature Today)

5.5.20 | “Are We Seeing a New Movement to Organize Publishing?,” by Corinne Segal (at LitHub)

4.8.20 | “Bibliologistics: The Nature of Books Now, or A Memorable Fancy,” by Matthew Kirschenbaum (at Post45)

2.10.20 | “Autonomy’s Compromise and the Professionalization of the Small Press,” by Matvei Yankelevich (at Harriet/Poetry Foundation)

1.21.19 | “Comping White,” by Laura B. McGrath (at LARB)



6.1.22 | “Letter of Recommendation: Do Away With Letters of Recommendation,” by Erin Somers (at Gawker)

4.15.21 | “Who Gets To Be A Writer?,” by Claire Grossman, Stephanie Young, and Juliana Spahr (at Public Books).

2.25.19 | “The Philosophy of Creative Writing,” by Joseph Darda (at LARB)

1.3.18 | “Paying to Play: On Submission Fees in Poetry Publishing,” by Rachel Mennies (at The Millions)



5.24.19 | “Looking for Solidarity: On Haitian-Dominican Poet Jacques Viau Renaud,” by Sophie Mariñez (at Boston Review

8.5.18 |“A Spectre in Every Street: George Oppen and the Poetics of Communism,” by Dominick Knowles (at Viewpoint Magazine)

2017 | “Infrarealism: A Latin American Neo-Avant-Garde, or The Lost Boys of Guy Debord,” by Rubén Medina (at Chicago Review)

12.6.16 | “All Printing Is Political: Fredy Perlman and The Detroit Printing Co-Op,” by Andrew Blauvelt (at The Gradient)

12.1.16 | “Of Surrealism and Marxism,” by Jose Rosales (at Blind Field)

May 2013 | “The Non-Nicaraguan Reader: Poetry Workshops and the Nicaraguan Revolution,” by Sarah Swong (at Yale Review of International Studies)



2.16.22 | “Interview w/Solmaz Sharif,” by Alina Stefanescu (at BOMB)

9.29.21 | “Jamal Rashad and Richard Hamilton in Conversation” (at Protean)

January 2021 | “Publishing on the Margins: A Conversation with Argentine Artisan Publisher and Poet Eric Schierloh,” by Paul Holzman (at World Literature Today)

12.11.2019 | “Their Own Pantheon: Sean Bonney Interviewed by Jeffrey Grunthaner” (at BOMB)’

Spring 2017 | “Poetry and Other Antagonisms”: An Interview with Commune Editions (at The Iowa Review)



2.3.22 |“Artists Are Embracing the Power of Refusal,” by Billy Anania (at Hyperallergic)

11.29.21 | “The American Prison System’s War on Reading,” by Alex Skopic (at Protean)

10.26.21 | “Build Culture, Build Community, Break Fascism,” by Garret Gutierrez (at Public Books)

6.4.21 | ‘”New Bones’ Abolitionism, Communism, and Captive Maternals,” by Joy James (at Verso)

3.3.20 | “Land-grab Universities,” by Robert Lee and Tristan Ahtone (at High Country News)

3.2.21 | “Poet’s Hardship Fund,” by Charles Bernstein (at Jacket2)

8.1.17 | “How Is the Artist or Writer to Function (Survive & Produce) in the Community, Outside of Institutions?” by Sesshu Foster (at Poetry Foundation)

8.21.15 | “Responding to ‘What is Literary Activism?'”, by Wendy Trevino, Juliana Spahr, Tim Kreiner, Joshua Clover, Chris Chen, and Jasper Bernes (at Poetry Foundation)

Summer 2010 | “Communist Objects and the Values of Printed Matter,” by Nicholas Thoburn (at Social Text/

June 2006 | “Free (Market) Verse,” by Steve Evans (at The Baffler)

Spring 2006 | “Notes toward an Anti-Capitalist Poetics,” by Mark Nowak (at VQR)

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