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Here, we will be collecting news stories, essays, and other resources that are relevant to PU’s concerns: writing, publishing, anti-capitalism, and their intersection. There is a Newly Added section and an Archive section. The Archive consists of five categories: On Publishing, On the Creative Writing Industry, Retrospectives, Interviews, and Non-Categorized. Under each category heading, the listed items are presented chronologically.

Please note: We are not necessarily endorsing or aligning ourselves with any of the publications or writers we link to below; all of this is provided strictly for informational purposes.

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Last Updated: October 31, 2022


10.13.22 |“At the Born Again Labor Museum, Art is a Weapon for the Working Class,” by Frances Madeson (at The Real News Network)

9.30.22 | Special Issue on the Work of Sean Bonney (multiple authors, at Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry)

9.2.22 |“Is the Publishing Industry Broken?” by Rachel Deahl (at Publishers Weekly)

12.3.18 | “Interview with Wendy Trevino” (at rob mclennan’s blog)

2.11.14 | “Cultural Riches?” by Commune Editions Editors (at Jacket2)



6.23.22 | “If They Want to Be Published, Literary Writers Can’t Be Honest About Money,” by Naomi Kanakia (at LitHub)

6.8.22 | “Fit to Print: The Return of the Artist as Publisher,” by Lucy Ives (at Art In America)

2.9.22 | “Long-standing literary magazines are struggling to stay afloat. Where do they go from here?,” by Leah Asmelash (at CNN)

8.10.21 | “How Former Employees at a Berkeley Bastion for Literary Presses Ignited a Reckoning,” by Holly McDede (at KQED)

5.18.21 | “Here’s a running list of bookstores that have unionized,” by Corrine Segal (at LitHub)

4.21.21 | “Against Conglomeration,” by Dan Sinykin & Edwin Roland (at Post45)

Spring 2021 | “How to Prepare Yourself for the Collapse of the Industrial Publishing System,” by Eric Schierloh (at World Literature Today)

5.5.20 | “Are We Seeing a New Movement to Organize Publishing?,” by Corinne Segal (at LitHub)

4.8.20 | “Bibliologistics: The Nature of Books Now, or A Memorable Fancy,” by Matthew Kirschenbaum (at Post45)

2.10.20 | “Autonomy’s Compromise and the Professionalization of the Small Press,” by Matvei Yankelevich (at Harriet/Poetry Foundation)

1.21.19 | “Comping White,” by Laura B. McGrath (at LARB)



6.1.22 | “Letter of Recommendation: Do Away With Letters of Recommendation,” by Erin Somers (at Gawker)

4.15.21 | “Who Gets To Be A Writer?,” by Claire Grossman, Stephanie Young, and Juliana Spahr (at Public Books).

2.25.19 | “The Philosophy of Creative Writing,” by Joseph Darda (at LARB)

1.3.18 | “Paying to Play: On Submission Fees in Poetry Publishing,” by Rachel Mennies (at The Millions)



12.9.20 | “Poetry and Militancy in Latin America,” by Roque Dalton (trans. by Noah Mazer)

5.24.19 | “Looking for Solidarity: On Haitian-Dominican Poet Jacques Viau Renaud,” by Sophie Mariñez (at Boston Review

8.5.18 |“A Spectre in Every Street: George Oppen and the Poetics of Communism,” by Dominick Knowles (at Viewpoint Magazine)

2017 | “Infrarealism: A Latin American Neo-Avant-Garde, or The Lost Boys of Guy Debord,” by Rubén Medina (at Chicago Review)

12.6.16 | “All Printing Is Political: Fredy Perlman and The Detroit Printing Co-Op,” by Andrew Blauvelt (at The Gradient)

12.1.16 | “Of Surrealism and Marxism,” by Jose Rosales (at Blind Field)

Summer 2015 | “John Reed Clubs and Proletarian Art–Part I,” by Andrew Hemingway (at Against the Current)

May 2013 | “The Non-Nicaraguan Reader: Poetry Workshops and the Nicaraguan Revolution,” by Sarah Swong (at Yale Review of International Studies)



2.16.22 | “Interview w/Solmaz Sharif,” by Alina Stefanescu (at BOMB)

9.29.21 | “Jamal Rashad and Richard Hamilton in Conversation” (at Protean)

January 2021 | “Publishing on the Margins: A Conversation with Argentine Artisan Publisher and Poet Eric Schierloh,” by Paul Holzman (at World Literature Today)

12.11.2019 | “Their Own Pantheon: Sean Bonney Interviewed by Jeffrey Grunthaner” (at BOMB)’

Spring 2017 | “Poetry and Other Antagonisms”: An Interview with Commune Editions (at The Iowa Review)



Summer 2022 | “In Praise of the Terrorist: Heriberto Yépez’s polygraphic dispersion,” by NIicolás Medina Mora (at n+1)

4.25.22 | “A Working-Class Artist Is Something to Be,” by Billy Anania (at Hyperallergic)

2.3.22 |“Artists Are Embracing the Power of Refusal,” by Billy Anania (at Hyperallergic)

11.29.21 | “The American Prison System’s War on Reading,” by Alex Skopic (at Protean)

10.26.21 | “Build Culture, Build Community, Break Fascism,” by Garret Gutierrez (at Public Books)

6.4.21 | ‘”New Bones’ Abolitionism, Communism, and Captive Maternals,” by Joy James (at Verso)

3.3.20 | “Land-grab Universities,” by Robert Lee and Tristan Ahtone (at High Country News)

3.2.21 | “Poet’s Hardship Fund,” by Charles Bernstein (at Jacket2)

Winter 2019 |“We Will Not Perfume Your Sewers: A Call to Artists,” by Amanda Priebe (at Harbinger: A Journal of Social Ecology)

8.1.17 | “How Is the Artist or Writer to Function (Survive & Produce) in the Community, Outside of Institutions?” by Sesshu Foster (at Poetry Foundation)

8.21.15 | “Responding to ‘What is Literary Activism?'”, by Wendy Trevino, Juliana Spahr, Tim Kreiner, Joshua Clover, Chris Chen, and Jasper Bernes (at Poetry Foundation)

Summer 2010 | “Communist Objects and the Values of Printed Matter,” by Nicholas Thoburn (at Social Text/

June 2006 | “Free (Market) Verse,” by Steve Evans (at The Baffler)

Spring 2006 | “Notes toward an Anti-Capitalist Poetics,” by Mark Nowak (at VQR)

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