Interview #5: Protean Magazine

The following interview is with Tyler Walicek (Editor in Chief) and Dominick Knowles (Poetry Editor) of Protean magazine, a reader-funded, ad-free, leftist magazine that pays all of its contributors and operates as a self-governing collective. Tyler Walicek is a freelance writer and the editor-in-chief of Protean magazine.  Dominick Knowles is an adjunct professor and theContinue reading “Interview #5: Protean Magazine”

Interview #4: Adjunct Press

Our fourth interview is with Adjunct Press, co-edited by Jonny Lohr and Alice Ladrick. Jonny is the author of a well-regarded Robert Langdon fan-fiction novel, as well as an article about Milwaukee communists’ role in the JFK assassination. Alice’s poems have recently appeared in Trilobite. This interview was conducted over email in late summer ofContinue reading “Interview #4: Adjunct Press”